Artist's Books


I have reworked three copies of my first published book (“Den sanne horisonten”), mostly by removing the words by different methods, which has turned the books into artists’ books. These new versions will part of the project Inexistent Books VI (link).

Art Book Show:
Inexistent Books VI

May. 19th – Jun. 3rd 2023
Opening Friday, May 19, 17:00–20:00

Exploring antimatter, inexistence and invisibility through printed matter.



In the latest episode of Kunstpodden, “Kunstbøker”, Cecilie Tyri Holt, Hanne Skogvang Stork and Tommy Olsson talk about my book Sifonofor + two (other) art book projects. (Olsson says, among other things, that reading my poems is like being suddenly slapped in the face – or being in a room with a viper.)
The audio is from a critics’ panel at B*stard Art Book Fair at Oppland Art Center in early June 2022.

Book Fair

From Notebooks 10-11 at CHART

An ongoing project, a sort of work in progress of work in progress, i.e. a notebook where I copy my notebooks from the last years by embroidering them, will be shown at Codex Polaris’ table at CHART Art Fair, Copenhagen August 26-28.

Book Fair

Kunstbokmessen B*stard

Kunstbokmessen B*stard er et årlig arrangement i regi av Oppland Kunstsenter under Norsk Litteraturfestival. Messen er en arena for overlappingene mellom litteratur og billedkunst, og består av aktuelle publikasjoner, samtaler og presentasjoner der disse to feltene bryter inn i hverandre.

Jeg deltar på messen, som arrangeres for sjette gang i 2022; torsdag 2. til lørdag 4. juni.